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Subject: Invitation!
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coolit 22.07.09 - 06:18am
Hello group members. Would u like to know the identifying marks of true christianity? Pls visit also our group: onlinebible-study *

wariaaa 23.07.09 - 08:53am
The true and identifying mark of christianity starts out with the BIBLE and not any dinomination such as yours which teaches that Christ is not God. When ye therefore shall see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION spoken of by Daniel the prophet, stand in the holy place, whoso readeth, let him understand: Then let them which be in Judaea flee into the mountains: Take the time to not only read the bible but to study it with great diligence, and you will see that satan is in the mist of the churches (the bride or woman Rev 17 or the temple) and we have to flee to God's Kingdom, which is what the bible is, the mountains, the piller of TRUTH and away from lies and the father of it who has infiltrated virtually all the denomination in the world with a free will gosple and false prophets who have no idea to begin with that the have been deceived into thinking they serve Christ when they are serving satan (Matt 7:22). Stick with the BIBLE, its the whole-mark of true Christianity. *

tsi 11.08.09 - 03:48pm
This sounds like the teaching of Harold Camping of family radio; that the churches and congregations have departed from the truths of the Bible and that ppo must literally stop going to church to be saved. I think we need the church and we need to welcome those who share the good news of Christ Jesus. So, lets help each other even here to build groups that bring us together as believers, we are not perfect and our so called churches may not be what God but lets endeavour to love each other as Christ loves us. My group is Ezekiel...I know cool, dont paint an image of what he is not! *

wariaaa 11.08.09 - 07:26pm
I apologize. I did not mean to sound rude. I know Harold Camping of Familyradio and what he teaches. The bible is his authority just as it is with me and should be with the church. Unfortunatly that is not the case and if the bible declares that we must flee from the temple then that has to be told to the world no matter what they may think. We need the bible more than anything in this world and that is what the church was establised for by Christ. They have replaced it with a free will do it your self gosple that deals with boosting the moral of the congrecation rather than warn them that Christ is the only refuge as it was with the ark of Noah from the horror of God's wrath that cometh. *

newbee 18.02.13 - 04:36am
Hi *

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