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Subject: Group Chat
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tramps 12.05.08 - 07:44pm
c*m c*m the strike is over. Thanks Admin * 12.05.08 - 08:20pm
Hi4.GIF How are all of you? *

birdie77 13.05.08 - 09:27pm
hifive.GIF Hi there, finally got the smilies right! Have a blessed day. *

agape777 14.05.08 - 08:59am
YAH, wave.GIF It's good to be here and meet you all, God bless you for this topic where we can all fellowship and share in the love2.GIF our Lord Jesus Christ. *

agape777 14.05.08 - 09:01am
pray.GIF May God bless all who visit here and dwell in our hearts.GIF forever. Amen *

seastarr 14.05.08 - 09:37am
Amen. Hello everyone. starfish2.GIF * 14.05.08 - 11:20am
Hi Agape - welcome. Like your name! swing.GIF Seastar - hi2.GIF *

kahaki33 19.05.08 - 01:47pm
Hello everyone ? I just joined . Praise GOD ! Whats up ? *

endtimes 20.05.08 - 09:15am
welcome here kahaki welcome.GIF *

tayuma 20.05.08 - 11:51am
hi everyone ? tayuma here ! praise God , aint it a lovely day . is everyone enjoying it like me ? *

birdie77 20.05.08 - 11:56am
Hi everyone. How are you? Welcome Kahaki777. happy_face.GIF *

david316 20.05.08 - 11:15pm
Hi group hi joe...I'm david&its nice to see you all here.My wife,docsduck&I are new and I think its exciting:-) *

david316 20.05.08 - 11:23pm
Its right around dinner time her..I'm off,take good care e1!David. *

endtimes 21.05.08 - 07:09am
A warm welcome to tayana, david and his wife, hug.GIF the christianstyle family is growing by the day hurray.GIF *

seastarr 21.05.08 - 07:36am
Hello everyone! Welcome to new members, we are glad ur here. God bless everyone! starfish2.GIF *

david316 21.05.08 - 09:47am
Thank you&greetings joe s.a...Hi seastar.I'm happy to be here.Ill be checing for future posts and warm wishes and appreciate then all along w/ the wife docsduck.Have a nice day all...Godbless. * 21.05.08 - 11:30am
hello.GIF everyone. Welcome! *

gbopp 22.05.08 - 04:10am
God Bless you all bike2.GIF I quit my job last friday, some prayer would be grateful for God to lead me to another employment. God is Good hearts.GIF *

birdie77 22.05.08 - 11:24am
hi4.GIF Hi. Enjoying the wintersun in my office. Am praying for you gbopp. *

david316 22.05.08 - 03:08pm
Ill mention your prayer reauests in the ministry&keep you all in prayer...Love ya'll in Christ,docsduck&david316. * 23.05.08 - 11:05am
pray.GIF for Gbopp.
hello.GIF david & family. *

0la30 24.05.08 - 05:02pm
Hello brethren in the Lord. Guess I kinda new around here. Well, what should I say? God bless everyone. *

seastarr 27.05.08 - 07:02am
hi4.GIF Welcome to ChristainStyle. I'm glad ur here. God bless you! starfish2.GIF *

gbopp 27.05.08 - 10:22am
sheep.GIF well hello, well hello wave.GIF fancy meeting you here, lovely to see you again. God bless you all in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Amen * 28.05.08 - 11:44am
Hello2.GIF everyone. *

birdie77 29.05.08 - 08:23am
Hi everyone. Have a great day. flowers.GIF *

endtimes 29.05.08 - 08:42am
hello everyone hello3.GIF have a lovely day flowers.GIF *

seastarr 29.05.08 - 09:29pm
hi4.GIF God bless you all. angel2.GIF *

rodney5 30.05.08 - 06:23am
Thank you Seastarr. GOD blesses me daily above my expectations. I often wonder if i praise HIS name enough in return. GOD always keeps his promisses. Do I?? *

seastarr 30.05.08 - 07:07am
I think you will have to search your Heart for the Answer to That Question Rodney. That should be easy for a Godly Man such as Yourself! angel.GIF *

rodney5 30.05.08 - 08:43am
God says seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousnes . I do that to the best of my ability so mw answer is yes. *

gbopp 31.05.08 - 05:22am
God Bless you rodney5 pray.GIF that's all God asks, is that we do our best for Him. angel.GIF *

rodney5 31.05.08 - 05:09pm
Thank you Gbopp. If i serve GOD i know i will be blessed. As GOD says he is not a man that he will lie. My desire is to be blessed with wisdom and more spiritual understanding daily *

gbopp 1.06.08 - 05:51am
Check out this * 5.06.08 - 11:24am
I've heard her speak on the radio.
I wonder why I'm not getting notifications of Christianstyle-posts in my inbox sad.GIF *

rider13 5.06.08 - 03:56pm
It's not just you I'm not getting them either! ALso, when You go to the member list of your group, it should show last time they were at your group, but it hasn't updated in weeks!sad2.GIF *

gbopp 5.06.08 - 05:20pm
Have you done your preferences at the main page, Mabye update them might solve the situation. God bless *

birdie77 6.06.08 - 04:53pm
Hi there. Hope you had a great week. Enjoy the weekend. hurray.GIF *

jidat 6.06.08 - 05:08pm
hi.. birdie.. hws u? *

birdie77 7.06.08 - 07:26pm
Hi jidat. Very well thanks. Am on holiday wohow.GIF How are you? *

endtimes 8.06.08 - 08:26pm
gbopp, i also experience the same problem, and even after resetting in preferences, still no notifications on bookmarked topics, and its only with Christianstyle *

gbopp 9.06.08 - 03:55am
That's unusual but I'm not really technical on all this so don't really have an answer why its like that... *

endtimes 12.06.08 - 12:45pm
sleeping.GIF *

oubaas 12.06.08 - 02:06pm
Maybe notifications also on holiday xsunlvrx2.GIF *

rider13 12.06.08 - 04:51pm
Maybe notifications left with the feature that show us when was the last time a member visited our groups? Its been broken over a month now! The may have eloped togetherpmpl.GIF * 12.06.08 - 07:17pm
I've tried to re-save preferences without any success. Wouldn't admin Be able to help? *

seastarr 13.06.08 - 12:18am
I haven't had any success with getting administration to help with anything pmpl.GIF *

seastarr 13.06.08 - 12:20am
Give it a try maybe u can motivate administration rofl4.GIF *

seastarr 13.06.08 - 12:22am
God bless each one of you angel2.GIF

gbopp 13.06.08 - 05:33am
Should I delete the moderators, and reinstate them to see if that helps the situation. bike2.GIFdeclare.GIF *

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