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Subject: Group Chat
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1-> 7->> 15.04.08 - 11:59am
0LrMcXWDGLSF2y31KOOQ.jpg hi4.GIF Hi everyone, Let's use this post as a running chat. We can make friends and get to know each other. *

seastarr 15.04.08 - 10:27pm
starfish2.GIF Hello Nice to see ur smiling face here. gum.GIF *

endtimes 16.04.08 - 07:49am
hahaha! good to see ya both here! triodance.GIF * 16.04.08 - 03:18pm
carrot.GIF *

mono2222 16.04.08 - 03:59pm
hi4.GIF nice to see u all *

marfill 16.04.08 - 04:12pm
hello everyone hug.GIF do we need to have a personal introductions for knowing all of us better?hehe *

waittiki 16.04.08 - 08:06pm
Hello everyone and hi passing through.happy_face.GIFGod bless you all. * 16.04.08 - 08:48pm
Hi Mono, Marfill & WaiT. You know sometimes one don't know people at all and the only way to meet them is in a forum @ Marfill. *

endtimes 16.04.08 - 09:19pm
now here in group chat we have opportunity to get to know everyone well! hurray.GIF *

tien 18.04.08 - 07:23am
hello.GIF *

endtimes 18.04.08 - 12:28pm
hi there sis tien! hug.GIF * 18.04.08 - 12:31pm
wave.GIF Hi Tien - welcome. *

endtimes 18.04.08 - 12:33pm
hi there joe evileye.GIF * 18.04.08 - 03:52pm
Sjoe - are you a Ninja-turtel now? confused.GIF *

gbopp 21.04.08 - 04:06am
witch.GIFYahwitch.GIF Gday good people of God bike2.GIF ouch * 21.04.08 - 11:17am
Hi M'friend - why does it seem like your modes of transports are letting you down!? *

marfill 21.04.08 - 08:25pm
hug.GIF to all fellow brethren in Christ,just passing by to drop my hi and hello,i really enjoyed reading all the topics here,thanks a lot for inviting me to join in this group...God bless! *

gbopp 21.04.08 - 10:01pm
I don't have a car anymore, only a bicycle and its raining this morning, my wet weather gear is at work, who'll stop the rain so I can get there dry. prayers angel.GIF Please Heavenly Father have mercy bike2.GIF * 22.04.08 - 12:15am
smile.GIF @ gbopp
hi4.GIF @ marfill * 22.04.08 - 07:50am
Oops Gb - I'm smiling and I guess you're serious. It's just those smileys!? *

endtimes 22.04.08 - 08:59am
molliex2.GIF * 22.04.08 - 01:42pm
smile.GIF at smiley *

gbopp 22.04.08 - 03:07pm
I can only thank God that I arrived at work without being rained on... I would love to have a car like this one zonda.GIF *

gbopp 22.04.08 - 03:11pm
hi4.GIF to my sis's in Christ and hifive.GIF to all my bro's. Our God is Mighty * 22.04.08 - 03:13pm
Looks like some people went to smiley-university. *

endtimes 23.04.08 - 08:21am
yes bro hahaha! pmpl.GIF wish there was a way that i can create my own unique smilies thinking.GIF idea.GIF *

royalbf 25.04.08 - 06:48am
Hi guys thanx 4da deep forum i jst read thru !lol bt seriously u guys r kul so god bless and ya hala bck *

marfill 25.04.08 - 07:16am
wave.GIF God bless every1,have a fabulous day as always! * 29.04.08 - 02:19pm
Thanks and Hi RoyalBF. Sorry for not posting for a while - I had to give some family my attention. Hi Marfill hi4.GIF *

endtimes 29.04.08 - 03:13pm
Hahaha! Ja this is a very serious topic roflmao.GIF *

kdaisy 30.04.08 - 06:39am
flowers.GIF Good morning everyone! May everyone that visits here today, enjoy a Blessed and Godfilled day today... God is Faithful!! Amen. xx *

namasuku 30.04.08 - 09:50am
Alfa.GIF my ride * 30.04.08 - 10:58am
Hi KDaisy - same to you smile.GIF *

mzalendo 2.05.08 - 09:46pm
what can make me whole again!!! nothing but the blood of JESUS...hifive.GIF every1 *

true 2.05.08 - 09:49pm
Hello! hello.GIF *

birdie77 3.05.08 - 12:14pm
Hi there. Looking forward to getting to know you guys. *

rider13 3.05.08 - 11:04pm
Just came by to catch up on my reading.GIF and get filled with God's Holy Spirit! * 4.05.08 - 12:21am
Hi all - good to see you!
I just want to introduce to you my gf - Birdie77. mwah.GIF *

endtimes 4.05.08 - 10:33am
welcome birdie77! hug.GIF *

birdie77 4.05.08 - 11:42am
Thanks Endtimes, nice to chat to you again. *

birdie77 4.05.08 - 08:21pm
Hi everyone. May the coming week be filled with lots of joy and peace for each of you. God bless. smile.GIF *

seastarr 6.05.08 - 09:19am
hi4.GIF hello everyone. I hadn't dropped in for a while. Good to meet u birdie. starfish2.GIF * 7.05.08 - 11:40am
hi2.GIF Mz starfish2.GIF *

endtimes 7.05.08 - 12:04pm
sheep.GIF * 7.05.08 - 03:33pm

Not really laughing - just love that smiley smile.GIF *

endtimes 9.05.08 - 07:13am
hehe! me too! sheep.GIF * 9.05.08 - 11:38am
Wanted to do the cat again, but I'll refrain. dance_purple.GIF *

rider13 12.05.08 - 02:17pm
Just wanted to give a public ataboy to gbopp for the awesome topic he is doing in ATTHECROSS of the women of the Bible!thank_you.GIF my friend! *

desmondy 12.05.08 - 02:43pm
Hello everyone,my name is desmond and as u can see i am obviously new in dis room,so how is everybody i hope fine. *

rodney5 12.05.08 - 04:33pm
Hi Desmond this group is very quite at the moment. Maybe all the Christians are on strike. Lol. Enjoy urself. *

birdie77 12.05.08 - 04:38pm
Hi Desmond. Welcome! *

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