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Subject: New members & Not-so-new-ones
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1-> 7->> 5.03.08 - 01:41pm
Welcome to any new members (or not such new ones). You can say hi to us here. Or if youve been here for a while, you can say hi again. Anyone else can also start a running chat here. Lets LUV each other :-) *

endtimes 5.03.08 - 05:10pm
Let me be the first to say hi, im not so new hehe! sheep.GIF *

waittiki 5.03.08 - 07:25pm
Hi everyone.My name is Joseph Waittiki.May the Lord bless you all with his word. *

n1ck 5.03.08 - 08:17pm
grind.GIF woohoo! *

n1ck 5.03.08 - 08:18pm
Hi! I am not so new hehe.GIF *

namasuku 6.03.08 - 07:03am
hi4.GIFeven tho yall beat me 2 it *mushy*lol * 6.03.08 - 02:28pm
Hi y'all :-)
(I'll have to learn how to use smilies!?) *

b.bee 7.03.08 - 07:56am
Hug.GIF Hi all. Its so amazing to hav ppl lyk u who realy believe in The Lord. Keep it up. Lots of love to u my brotherz n sisterz * 7.03.08 - 10:32am
Love to you too Bb. 2thumbsup.GIF *

mono2222 7.03.08 - 06:34pm
hi4.GIF,, my name is mina, god bless u *

2blessed 7.03.08 - 09:20pm
i thot id also leave my footprints,God is grt, * 8.03.08 - 04:48pm
Hi Mono & Blessed. wave.GIF *

synth7 8.03.08 - 08:31pm
hi4.GIFfolks nt so new here *

namasuku 9.03.08 - 05:58am
Synth7 u golden oldie mwahugz.hehe! Welcome everyone oo lets have group hug oo oo lemme squeeze tighter oo mmebe i need to stretch my hands oo ere we go.mwaaaaahugz.hug.GIF * 10.03.08 - 11:40am
I like your style Nama :-)
Hi Synth. *

synth7 10.03.08 - 08:20pm
Hi nama and joe hug.GIF *

namasuku 11.03.08 - 07:56am
Fank u joe and synth.where is the captain of this ship now eh.moped.GIF * 11.03.08 - 12:49pm
*calls* GeeeeBBBBoppp!!! Where are you!?
:-) *

mrsms 11.03.08 - 01:18pm
afraid.GIFSaints greeting! Am SMS thats how they call me,heeeloooo to namasuku,you are here too! lol pmpl.GIF * 11.03.08 - 01:31pm
Hi Mr Sms wave.GIF *

hleziphi 11.03.08 - 06:49pm
just droppin to say hello. God bless u all *

endtimes 11.03.08 - 08:47pm
Hey mrsms, gran endtimes here too to look afta you hehe! madlol.GIF *

jidat 11.03.08 - 11:43pm
Me either.. Jidat mean in english forehead.. Ha..ha.. Helo 'granmo'.. * 12.03.08 - 08:03am
Hi Hleziphi and Jidat. wave.GIF
Hope you guys are fine? * 12.03.08 - 08:06am
Oops - Hleziphi is a gal and I said guys. *

namasuku 12.03.08 - 09:46am
Elo pipo hehe mr forehead lemme hit ur 4head.Madlol.GIF *

jidat 13.03.08 - 11:44pm
@namasuku.. Ha..ha. Thanks, mayb with ur beaten of love, makes my 4head smaller thn b4! Ha..ha.. *

namasuku 14.03.08 - 07:00pm
Hmmmm.....confuse.GIF *

seastarr 14.03.08 - 08:06pm
wave.GIF Hello i'm here too! Good to see everyone! Makes me feel right at home seeing all ur sunny.GIF faces. *

winter16 15.03.08 - 12:48pm
Elloha all, not so now here wave.GIF *

namasuku 15.03.08 - 04:16pm
Sear r u stalkin me?lol.;-).Winter16 twaz lonely ere wiv owt u.:-* *

endtimes 15.03.08 - 04:34pm
Awww you are all such a loving bunch! Lets do a group hug, again! hug.GIF *

mrsms 15.03.08 - 04:50pm
Bretheren,anyone who can advice me,am plannin to do a community outreach,targeting the youth specificaly!idea.GIFwhat can i do reach-out to the youth? *

namasuku 16.03.08 - 11:38am
singing.GIF Youre my brother youre my sister so take me by the hand together we will walk until he comes.there is no foe that can defeat us as we are walking side ....... * 17.03.08 - 03:22pm
Love them. Take an interest in their lives and what they do. @mrsms * 17.03.08 - 03:38pm
hi2.GIF to seastarr & winter. *

rodney5 5.05.08 - 10:45pm
To who do i report for duty? *

rodney5 6.05.08 - 05:17pm
Nobody home. Hallo *

endtimes 7.05.08 - 08:07am
hello rodney hello3.GIF *

rodney5 7.05.08 - 08:58am
Endtimes thank you. I flnd you in all the groups i belong to welcoming members. Are you hired to do this. Only jokiing i sense a great Godly love of order in you. * 7.05.08 - 11:30am
Sorry Rodney hi4.GIF
Make yourself at home. *

rodney5 7.05.08 - 04:21pm
Thanks can i move my bed in as well? * 9.05.08 - 11:26am
Build a little house if you want to swing.GIF *

rodney5 9.05.08 - 11:36am
Not a house i have moved into this room. * 9.05.08 - 11:39am
Cool. It's a bit warmer in Group-Chat swing.GIF *

gbopp 11.05.08 - 02:14pm
Gday everyone, bike2.GIF i'm gbopp I'm a not-so-new-member here, but i do seem to have been abit sca*se from here recently. Many thanks to everyone who has made this group so good. My long time wap friend hifive.GIF @you bro, we've been around a few chat sites together in the time. God bless you all in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. prayers angel.GIF *

endtimes 12.05.08 - 07:15am
Good to see you here gbopp hello3.GIF * 12.05.08 - 11:36am
Thanks Gbopp hi2.GIF *

kellyb 16.05.08 - 08:48am
Hey people iam new here!! *

endtimes 16.05.08 - 09:07am
hi there kelly, welcome here! hurray.GIF * 16.05.08 - 11:17am
Hi KellyB. How are things in your part of Africa? swing.GIF *

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