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Subject: Why marriage b4 s*x?
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namasuku 9/21/2007 - 4:29:36
Why should we wait until we get married b4 we have s*x,what if we never get married, what does the word of God say about this,all advice is welcome *

gbopp 9/22/2007 - 1:15:43
It's about good moral values, as written in the Bible about marriage and families, the moral laws are in the books of Corinthians. The Bible says anythingy that is unclean should not be parti ted in, and if a Christian never marries, it's a life of Celebacy through obedience and discipline. *

gbopp 6.10.07 - 02:53pm
I've unlocked this topic for any comments that people would like to add. *

namasuku 9.10.07 - 05:33pm
gbopp please lock my topic,i feel its not answered 4 obvious n transparent reasons,the reason being that the church is either involved in immorality or is too holy to help out or just isnt exposed to such a temptation well i dont knw what im sayin i just needed a born again advice *

n1ck 10.10.07 - 05:44am
In Corinthians Paul tells us that we should not have s*x outside of marriage. s*x outside of marriage is fornication, and fornication is an abomination to God. *

nanzelu 27.10.07 - 09:43pm
The reason is:bcos marriage s honorable in all.n u can only b join 2 someone wom u ar married 2.Heb13v4,1cor6v16. *

tsi 24.08.09 - 09:54am
s*x before marriage brings about unfaithfulness and insecurity in a relationship. It means you have no standard rules to guide your s*x life. You are more likely to cheat and have multiple s*xual partners whether you get married or not. You become a danger to yourself, your wife to be and children you may have. I believe marriage before s*x is important for a healthy and morally sound romantic relationship between a man and a woman. *

mjully 29.08.09 - 04:37pm
Marriage is holy and the highest form of sacrifice that the one has to love himself and out of love not l*st gives himself to another.s*x bonds the two 2 bcom 1.The Bible says one who lies wid a prostitute bcoms one body wid her.Our bodies r holy:the Temple of the Holy Spirit,a person who fornicates commits sin against his body.s*x b4 marriage is mitigated by selfish motives dat leave mental,physical and spiritual suffering.walk in the Spirit and ull not fulfil evil body desires. * 11.09.09 - 10:27am
In my country the youth fail 2 abstain. but they also fail to endure the results of s*x b4 mariage. so its wise 2 wait. *

endtimes 14.10.09 - 06:03am
Where is your country mpeka? *

bigmafta 12.02.11 - 07:05pm
s*x be4 marriage is against da wil of God, our bodies a temple of da lord there4 to b kept pure nd holy *

zawadi2 14.08.11 - 06:55pm
It's true s*x b4 marriage is a sin if u'll not control urself now don't cheat urself n marriage u will *

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