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Subject: Know it beforehand.
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kaloso 18.10.11 - 05:29pm
The close of the world is at hand bt many are ignorant of this fact. Its good to know what is and must take place so as not to be caught unawares as Christ did warn us.. There are a number of books given to us to warn us beforehand...get your copy or even use google.. -The great controversy between Christ and satan- -The Desire of ages- -Steps to Christ- -The ministry of healing and health- ...and remember to pray to God to enlighten you.. God bless you. *

waittiki 22.02.12 - 10:07am
I agree with you on this, that every christian should always know what God has planned beforehand. We see this clearly in the bible. For example, Noah knew beforehand that a flood was coming, and when only 7 days were left, God gave him the exact day. Joseph while in Egypt knew beforehand that a great drought was on the way, after a period of great hearvest. Lot knew beforehand that God was about to destroy the city he was in, and thus escaped to safty. Even a bride all set for marrage needs to know beforehand the day of her own wedding in order to prepare herself. No other passages of scripture such as Hebrews 10:25 and 2 Thessalonians 5:4 speak of this more clearly. Christ comes as a thief in the night to those not watching and are unaware as noted in Matthew 24:43. Even devils know the day of the return of Christ. Why else would they say what they did in Matthew 8:29 if they did not know when. Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 remain as one of the most missunderstood passages of scripture ever. We are to watch and what we watch is the Word of GOD. That is where we get to know what God wants us to know BEFOREHAND. *

kaloso 11.04.12 - 09:47pm
You have said it all Waittiki, may God bless you. *

fanking 15.04.12 - 06:57am
why read hellen g white's books. why not just read the bible and pray for understanding. the end of the world is eminent, I don't think it would be prudent enough to read her books when she made a prediction in 1844 that Jesus is coming. *

waittiki 21.04.12 - 09:16am
Dear Fanking, I have no idea who hellen g white is nor do i know what she said. What i know is what the bible says and nothing else. Neither do i care about the strange gospels of morality and prosperity that the churches teach. They are simply not biblical at all and is alian to the bible's teaching. Christ's message to the world was nothing short of a warning to the wicked of the world. Remember what God told where did God make any mention of the time that the city of Nineveh had, yet Jonah knew that it had only 40 days to live. How did he know that? Well, its the same way the true believers of today know..through the SPIRIT OF GOD that is in them. So knowing the time beforehand is part of every christians walk with God. The churches have been cut off and are in total darkness cause of their ignorance of scripture and just as God left his temple in Jeremiah's days would be the exact same thing God would do to the churches of today. The church age is over and gone. Its time to stand alone with God. *

waittiki 21.04.12 - 09:49am
Dear Kaloso, note what Christ said in Luke 19:42-44...the warning He made there had everything to do with what would altimatly happen to the churches which are all portrayed by Jerusalem and not knowing the TIME would be their biggest mistake. God has a time plan that not many christians even care to know about. They are all pritty much content with their do it thereselves gospels of morality and prosperity. Unless they turn away and start reading their BIBLES, they remain in great danger. What Christ said in Luke 19:42-44 is the exact same thing we read about in Ezekiel chapter 4. Please read it and may God bless you...and remember to keep track of time and know what lies ahead beforehand. *

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